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New symptoms of coronavirus

New symptoms of coronavirus: The whole world is in crisis because of Corona Virus. So far, over 2 lakh people have lost their lives due to Corona virus and more than 3 million people are still vulnerable to Corona virus.

The initial symptoms of corona virus were described as dry cough, high fever and difficulty in breathing. But now 6 new symptoms of this disease have been revealed, which has been reported by the US Health Institute CDC (Centers for Diseases and Prevention).

The CDC states that there are three major symptoms of the corona virus, which are dry cough, high fever and difficulty in breathing, apart from this, there are many other symptoms which we have not yet noticed.

The CDC has revealed 6 new symptoms of corona epidemic and scientists claim that all these symptoms can be seen in an infected person within 2 to 14 days.

New symptoms of coronavirus

  • Among the new symptoms that the CDC reported, the first symptom is chills. This is exactly the way you feel a cold due to a common infection.

  • In the new symptoms, along with a cold, your body starts to chill and freeze due to cold.

  • Your muscle pain is also mentioned in the third symptom.

  • The fourth symptom is a severe headache. The problem of severe headaches has been seen in many corona positive people encountered in China and America.

  • The fifth symptom may be a sore throat and throat swelling problem.

  • The sixth symptom is being unable to recognize the taste of anything with a tongue. There have also been cases in many countries where people have lost the power to recognize the taste of anything with a tongue.

If you also want to stay away from this epidemic, then stay in your home and stay safe.

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