Coronavirus in Himachal Pradesh Nunews

Coronavirus in Himachal Pradesh Nunews

Coronavirus in Himachal Pradesh: 7 new corona virus cases have been reported in Himachal Pradesh. With the arrival of 7 new cases of corona virus in Himachal Pradesh on Saturday, now the number of corona virus infected in the state has increased to 13.
Coronavirus in Himachal Pradesh

Out of 13 infected people, 2 people have died and one infected has recovered. There are still 10 cases of corona virus active in the state.

Four of the seven patients have already been shifted to a private hospital outside the state, all four of whom are relatives of a 70-year-old woman who died of corona virus in PIGMER Chandigarh on Thursday night.

The Delhi-based woman and her six relatives, including her PTI, were residing in the large city of Solan district since March 14. 3 out of 7 patients have been shifted to IGMC Shimla.

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