Corona virus in Himachal pradesh Nunews

Corona virus in Himachal pradesh

Corona virus in Himachal pradesh: 9 new cases of corona virus have been reported in Himachal Pradesh, the problems of Himachal government are increasing now. 9 more people belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat of Delhi have been found to be Corona virus positive, due to which the problems of the state government have been compounded. Himachal Pradesh has reported the highest number of corona virus cases in a single day so far. All the people stayed at Amb's Kutheda-Khairla Mosque. These people came in contact with the Corona virus postive people who met in Una a few days ago. Out of these 9 people, 5 people are from Sirmaur 1-1 Kutheda, Arki and two from Uttar Pradesh of Himachal Pradesh.

Corona virus in Himachal pradesh

All the victims have been shifted to elder's hospital. Due to 9 new cases a day, now the number of corona virus victims in Himachal Pradesh has reached 27, out of which 2 people have died and 1 person has become healthy. Four patients have been shifted out of the state for treatment in Delhi. There are still 20 active cases of Corona in the state.

The process of shifting ESI Hospital Baddi to all positive patients has started. With the arrival of nine patients simultaneously, now the number of corona positive cases has reached 27 in the state. One of them has died while two have recovered. At the same time, four patients have shifted to Delhi for treatment. Now Corona has a total of 20 active cases in the state and all of them are Jamati and will come in contact with them. On Tuesday, a total of 79 samples were tested by the Health Department at Tanda Medical College and elsewhere.

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